About Us

GoldenPeaks Capital Holdings is a Guernsey based holding company where the main purpose is to unlock value and deliver growth strategies with affiliated companies.

Our Approach

At GoldenPeaks Capital Holdings, our investment approach is based on competence and experience of the partners to deliver solutions, unlock value and prosper growth.

Our capital as well as our partners fuel the development of business in a wide range of sectors and countries.

The solutions we provide reflect the insight generated by our diverse, global platform which encompasses direct investment in real estate, energy and further industries.

We have built the firm on a strong foundation of intellectual and financial capital. We form on exceptionally talented people and on creating an atmosphere that rewards initiative and independent thinking.

This commitment is reflected in a culture that values independence, professionalism and a passion for excellence. It also leads us to operate with prudence and financial discipline, a long term perspective and a clear understanding that trust is something we must earn every day.



Golden Peaks Capital

GoldenPeaks Capital’s active ownership approach and rigorous investment process combines
the best of the worlds of business and investment.

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GoldenPeaks Capital Real Estate

GoldenPeaks Capital Real Estate is a company specialized in tailor made global real estate management and investment.

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GoldenPeaks Capital Energy

GoldenPeaks Energy invests into power plants, wind farms, solar farms with our own capital and with partners. We provide EPCFO Know-How (Engineering, Production, construction, finance, operations) and control with this the value chain.

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GoldenPeaks Capital Water

GoldenPeaks Capital Water focuses on all aspects of water treatments in the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

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GoldenPeaks Capital China

GoldenPeaks Capital China is a global developer and investor focused on the energy sector.

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GoldenPeaks Capital Latin America

GoldenPeaks Capital Latin America focusses on providing consulting and execution services in various sectors in Latin America.

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Amiri Group logo

The Amiri Group

The Amiri Group is an independent investment boutique focussing on the Middle East and Africa.

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Spectris Energy_1

Spectris Energy

Spectris provides the full value chain with its vast EPCFO Know-How (engineering, production, construction, finance, operations) and controlling mechanisms.

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The GoldenPeaks Foundation

The GoldenPeaks Foundation is supporting children in need through various charity programs in Asia and East and West Africa.

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Adriano Agosti   Founder Read More

During his more than thirty years as an entrepreneur, Mr. Agosti has successfully developed and restructured several companies within the real estate, electronics and print media sectors. As an investor and fund manager, he has demonstrated a strong and consistent investment track record. Mr. Agosti founded GoldenPeaks Capital in 2006, launching its flagship Active Value Fund in December of the same year. He is a graduate in Business Administration.

Daniel Tain   President  Read More

Daniel together with his European partners has developed a diverse, innovative business that is operational throughout the Middle East, Africa and Asia. He has two decades of commercial experience as an entrepreneurial business leader.

Daniel manages our partnerships with family offices/family conglomerates across the Group, affording him a unique and highly influential network of business and political leaders. His main focus is on the infrastructure, energy, oil and gas and real estate sectors within the Group. He specialises in operating in complex environments.

Daniel is a qualified lawyer and a former Partner at one of the UK’s leading law firms where he specialised in the infrastructure and power markets (including project financing of over 10,000mws of power plants internationally).

Johan Björck   CIO GoldenPeaks Capital Partners Funds Read More

Mr. Björck is a specialist in corporate strategy, finance, analysis and valuation, possessing a PhD in Finance, a Master of Science and a CEMS MIM degree. Mr. Björck is an experienced equity research and fund manager and has worked effectively as a management consultant specializing in strategy, organization and corporate finance.

Antonella Lauriola   Senior Director Latin America Read More

She is a qualified lawyer responsible to support the development of existing and new projects related to renewal energy, commercial structuring and procurement.

With experience in contract management and properties administration she is in charge Buenos Aires office serve as a liaison between investors, partners and overseas office.

Before her time in GoldenPeaks Latin America, she has worked for more than 12 years assisting in general business and legal services to high level management from Asia region and 4 years as a real estate transaction coordinator for North America Region.

Joao Martinho   Vice President Renewable Energy  Read More

Joao Martinho is a Civil Engineer with a Business Administration Master Education. Before his time in GoldenPeaks Latin America, he has worked for more than 11 years  in the solar industry in more than 8 countries worldwide. He originally started his career as a Project Manager and Operations Manager (managing entirely the operations (technical due diligence, procurement, Budget, Epc contracts, construction) of solar projects.

Mariano Cervieri  Manager Renewable Energy Read More

Mariano Cervieri is a Civil Engineer with Project Management Master Education applied to over 1000 MW of renewable energy projects in emerging markets. Mariano has participated in the whole project value chain over the last decade taking responsibilities in international and multi-cultural teams combining his technical background with a high demanding business environment.

Mariano has experience in contract negotiation and administration under full EPC turnkey scenarios as well as multi-contractual projects.

Chen Ruyi   Vice President People’s Republic of China Affairs Read More

Chen Ruyi is a Chinese national based in China with extensive knowledge and understanding of the Chinese industrial, power and infrastructure sectors. Chen has held senior management roles in several Chinese State Owned Enterprises, including at one of China’s leading energy companies. Chen has spent large parts of his time working for Chinese Government companies internationally, particularly in Latin America.

Chen brings extensive marketing experience to GoldenPeaks Capital Holding and is a specialist in Chinese Government and private sector project structuring and financing in the industrial, infrastructure and power sectors.

Chen holds a Degree in Computer Science and Technology and a Masters in Business Administration.

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